Protest on the hill 
In case you didn't hear about it - here's some thoughts on the CHOI protest on parliament hill - go read the entire piece....

That is our Parliament, the very of our Westminster democracy and the site
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s speeches expounding on liberty. In a healthy country it
should be the central defender of liberty, not the site of a crowd outside
reduced to begging for the privilege of being able to listen to the station of
their choice. Participating in such a spectacle was frankly a little degrading.
I never imagined that in Canada I would be reduced to participating in a
demonstration to allow a politically incorrect radio station to continue
broadcasting. On top of the gag law shutting up groups like the National
Citizens’ Coalition during election campaigns and judges issuing diktats it
certainly feels like certain core aspects of our democracy itself are slowly
slipping from our grasp. Yeah, we can go the booth and vote but more and more it
feels like there’s nothing actually attached to those democratic levers.

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