No opinion here - whatever you think... 
From an old post on freethought.ca - perfectly demonstrate's the Liberal idea of multi-lateralism - abstaining. We don't have an opinion - the Liberals wouldn't want to actually have to defend their position.

Yesterday in the UN General Assembly Canada reaffirmed its irrelevance with its vote, or rather non-vote on the Israeli barrier. There are problems in the middle-east and especially in Israel, but to not vote against the barrier, to not even take a stand, was a cowardly act and shows that Canada does not deserve to have influence in the world.

The General Assembly vote was 150 to 6, with 10 abstentions; Canada counted among them. Paul Martin and others may talk about a proud and strong Canada, but we don’t even have the balls to vote with most of the world. It’s said that you can judge a person by who they hang around with. Well yesterday Canada’s friends in abstention were: Cameroon, El Salvador, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Uganda, Uruguay and Vanuatu. If this is what Paul Martin has in mind in building a strong Canada, I’m afraid he and I have a different concept of what a strong Canada is.

Conservatives called for the rebuilding of the Canadian military in the recent election. I’d settle for a little backbone.

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