Nice addition to the Pro Bono hockey roll 
I just saw on ottawasportsblog a Sens fan blogging out of Toronto - nice. She's at hockey will tear us apart - a sample:
Whether it's due to injuries or a lack of insurance [which is a pathetic excuse], a lot of names are gone; the Russian team is in shambles; is this tournament going to be on-par with the other myths of Canadian international hockey? The players, so far in exhibition play have not demonstrated that. The fans want to treat the World Cup as the last bit of sweet, sweet hockey for a while, but so far it's hard to savour amid all the bickering and uninspired play. That, and international hockey usually requires more incentive and embellishing to be interesting. It just doesn't mean as much in North America. Unless we lose.

And you don't want to miss this picture - the newly scrubbed Ottawa captain. No more Krusty the Klown jokes from you Leaf fans!

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