Never learn 
I don't know if this is surprising or not? Martin, on a trip up north, said the following:

"Over the generations to come, Pond Inlet, with all of its huge beauty, is going to become in my opinion known all over the world", he said. "We are here in a land that is ageless. A land that has been occupied by a great people since time immemorial. . . . It is a wonderful thing to see a living history."

Mr. Martin completed the second day of his five-day Northern tour. His first visit
to the region since taking office in December.

He planned to sit with the premiers of all three territories in meetings expected to centre on health-care funding, regional development and the potential transfer of powers to territorial governments.

But Mr. Martin offered few hints of what he will propose to the premiers.

He said he agreed that more funding was required for housing, and also said he has always believed in handing greater responsibility to the territories, but he provided no further details.

Does this guy exaggerate everything all the time? Does he get up in the morning and tell Sheila that he is going to make her the best breakfast she's ever had - every morning?

He agreed that more funding was required, he has always believed in handing greater responsibility to the territories - of course! More to everyone - it's a big freakin' more party for everyone when Martin is around.

Oh, he didn't provide details. Well, that's a change - NOT

Hmmm, how long before the territorial leaders come out and complain that Martin hasn't delivered on his promises for more funding and more responsibility? Before the next election?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised - what's the saying about old dogs?

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