It's a Canadian thing... 
Despite one commenter's thoughts on Mr. Horton's coffee - this article I saw linked to from NealeNews sounds pretty Canadian:

The military is insisting it will buy only Tim Hortons coffee for the galleys at CFB Halifax, including those on board our warships.

The justification for the two-year contract for about 300 cases of Tim Hortons coffee -- with "no substitute" -- is that it's what sailors want to drink, according to Lt.-Cmdr. Denise LaViolette of navy public affairs.

But - the pressure is on Tim to change...

"It's sort of pathetic, really, that our government would be purchasing coffee that's exploiting coffee farmers in other countries," said Debra Moore, manager of Just Us Coffee Roasters, a fair-trade co-operative based in Wolfville, N.S.

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