Dr. Foth's prognosis 
Ah - I read this last week and had to put it up here....

THE MARTINIS - presently encamped in a tent on the lawn of 24 Sussex Drive
- are in a very nervous mode in the dog days of summer.

The prime minister, having been revealed as a robot run by his Earnscliffe lobbyists who knew how to overthrow the previous guy who couldn't speak either of the two official languages but didn't know how to run an election campaign, and his crew are for the first time reading the history books and learning about John Diefenbaker.

Herle and The Rest surely should have remembered. But perhaps they weren't born then. Surely Herle, who dresses like a bum at formal affairs to allegedly show his contempt for Ottawa, should remember, since he is, after all, from Saskatchewan.

What they might learn from Dief the Chief is that the unwashed electorate, once tasting blood, go for the kill.

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