From politics to hockey...

The CBA issue might just make the free agent sweepstakes a little more interesting. Instead of billions of dollars being spent the first week of July we're seeing a chess game being played out. Cheaper third liners are being picked up for 1.5 million or so but nobody is willing to pay for stars - not knowing if the going rate will be $4mil, $6mil, or $8mil after all is said and done with the talks.

I'll probably be writing some stuff about the Sens situation - signing Hasek is supposedly a done deal. I think it's great for the team at the money I've heard ($3mil + bonus for the cup) but it is very risky considering Hasek's gimpy groin.

Spector's Trade Rumours is the best place to keep up to date on all the activity in the league - I see Kariya might be going to Vancouver?? - Thornton to Florida??

Regarding the Leafs - they are already committed to spending close to $60 million for next season - no rebuilding - no retooling - just retreads. But hey - they made budget last year for the teacher's pension fund - 5 home games is the goal of the organization.

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