The greatest player to wear the Senators jersey 
In the modern era of course.

I was impressed with Hasek in the news conference. He subtlely accepted responsibility for last years comeback flop - saying he didn't adequately prepare himself. This summer, in recovering from his groin surgery, he's been doing two-a-day workouts with a personal trainer (a first for Hasek) and will be hitting the ice August 1st.

He brings a confidence with him that is unmatched in the Senators organization and that in itself is so important for the team. He also brings with him 6 Vezina trophies and a Stanley Cup ring.

Why do fans have mixed feelings?

By signing Hasek you leave yourself open to the very real possiblity of a mid-season injury and having to lean on Prusek/Emery until you can deal from weakness and pick up a true number 1 tender. Also, with Hasek as the starter and Prusek as the backup, you have two very promising young goalies in Emery and Kelly Guard sharing time with the Binghamton Senators - with Billy Thompson left out of the mix?

Sure. But if the Sens passed on Hasek who would they start the season with? Surely a team of the Sens calibre can't start with Prusek and Emery? UFA goalies are limited to Burke, Snow, Dafoe, Weekes, or Potvin - none on the top of any fans list. Dealing for a Turco type player could be an option but would command a Havlat/Volchenkov/Phillips plus price tag.

Signing Hasek takes nothing from the organization and comes a at reasonable price tag (no more Eddie jokes - but compare the two - three months difference in age - 8/10 million difference in salary?)

Another note - Spezza gave Hasek his number 39 and will be wearing 19 - a number with a tremendous history in Ottawa - Yashin/Schastlivy. And is it just me or is Muckler trying to make this team into the 97-99 Sabres? Look for Peca to join the team sometime this season to play a leadership role and take the number 2/3 centre spot.

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