Captain Fish? 
Scanning the local sports blogs for Hasek reaction I came across this at Andrew's Sens Fanblog:
Steve Madely (580 CFRA) is claiming that the Senators will change the team captain before the start of next season. Daniel Alfredsson will apparently be replaced by Mike Fisher as the leader of the team.

I would support the move as a fan. Actually, moving Bonk makes this more likely as Fisher will play a much bigger role as a number 2 or 3 center (with Smolinski). It would be tough for a young captain to be moved on and off the 4th line or being shuffled to the wing like he was last season.
This rumour contradicts the statements that Murray made since he was named coach - he publicly said that he hoped Alfredsson would remain the captain - though, in hindsight - what else could he say. I think Alfredsson would benefit from removing the C. He's a great player and taking off the cup prediction pressure would help him focus on his play.

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