Why I'm voting Conservative and not NDP in Ottawa Centre 
I mused about voting for Ed Broadbent in Ottawa Centre in hopes that it would help ensure that the Liberal candidate didn't win but I've decided to vote for Mike Murphy of the Conservatives regardless for the following reasons:

1. Quality of candidates for next time
Regardless of who wins this riding there is a good chance we'll see another election in the near future. The Conservative support on June 28th will play a big part in convincing quality Conservatives to throw their hat into the ring next time. I have nothing against Mike Murphy but I would like to see much more competition from well known and respected community leaders in the next nomination race.

2. Don't support strategic voting
I think in the long run it is detrimental to the process. On the large scale it distorts support for party policies and it rewards fear mongering and attacking campaigns.

3. $1.75
My vote is a $1.75 donation to a political party - I don't want it to go to the NDP.

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