Someone took my Conservative sign - bastards! 
I live in Ottawa-Centre - in the Glebe, where Orange and Red signs battle it out on most streets. Yesterday, I finally got a Mike Murphy sign on my lawn - he's the Conservative candidate here.

This morning, I look out the window, it's GONE!

I start thinking about what I should replace it with - maybe a sign that says "Someone stole my sign - Vote Conservative" or "Don't vote for the Thieves, Liars, and Pornographers - the Liberals stole my Conservative sign" - but my wife suggests I take a look around the block and see if it's there.

So, I go out with my two little girls and find the sign in a pond near our place. We fish it out along with an Ed sign a few yards away from ours.

We put the Tory sign back on the front lawn and the Orange sign below it. I'm kind of happy to promote either alternative to the current government as it looks like it's a two horse race in this riding between Martin's buddy Mahoney and Ed. My girls are just happy that we have two signs - nobody else on the street has two!

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