One more Ottawa-Centre note 
From the NDP campaign update:

We have heard reports that Liberal phone canvassers claiming to be ‘former NDP members’ are calling Ed’s supporters to try to convince them to vote ‘strategically’ for Richard Mahoney.

If you should receive such a call, don’t worry! Former Ottawa mayor Marion Dewar has prepared a letter that outlines why strategic voting in Ottawa Centre means voting for Ed!

Marion writes:


Ed has a lead in Ottawa Centre. The June 11 Ottawa Citizen/COMPAS poll had Ed holding a 20% lead. The local NDP polling done by Strategic Communications Ltd. shows that the Liberals will probably come third in this riding. That’s why a vote for the Liberals in Ottawa Centre will not stop a turn to the Conservatives. In fact, it might mean that the Conservative candidate could win Ottawa Centre.


Yours sincerely,

Marion Dewar
Former Mayor, City of Ottawa”

So remember Ottawa-Centre conservatives - vote Murphy and vote often!

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