English Debate 
I am surprised to read Hebert's column this morning which follow her opinions stated on CBC last night:

But if attaining one's specific objectives is ultimately the litmus test of a debate, Martin, who gets to go on to fight another day, did better than Harper, who failed to deal a decisive and potentially fatal blow to his main opponent's campaign last night.

I have to believe that her expectations were so low for Martin that his mediocre performance was sufficient.

Harper is the winner because he proved his capabilities in the one area that the polling numbers were still behind the Liberals - Harper as Prime Minister. Harper didn't need to land a "fatal blow" as Hebert states since that was delivered in Februrary by Sheila Fraser and Martin's campaign team keeps him on the mat. Harper did need to reassure Canadians in his leadership - his Prime Ministerial abilities - and in that aspect he won easily. He was calm when debating ideas - answered more directly the other candidates and was forceful yet respectful when demanding answers to his questions. Martin wouldn't answer the questions instead performing a Stronach in moving to rehearsed lines on certain topics. Martin got visibly frustrated by Layton and was obviously guilty of mispresenting and exagerating Tory positions.

I'll be watching the SES Research numbers on who would make the best PM. If Harper gets momentum in that category, a Conservative majority will occur on June 28th.

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