A couple of articles... 
Two good reads.

Margaret Wente's article on Harper's "gaffes" or policies which most Canadians agree with but Martin is attacking (here's the tail end):
Mr. Martin's betting the farm that he's more in touch with mainstream values than Stephen Harper is. But something funny may have happened while he was busy plotting his run on power. Maybe the mainstream has moved on. Maybe it's Mr. Harper who knows where it is.

Earl MacRae in the Ottawa Sun has a column about a soldier's view on Martin's position on military spending and on the Liberal attack ads (here's a paragraphy from it):
The soldier was reacting to a front-page newspaper story he read on the weekend in which Martin, during an interview, attacked Conservative leader Stephen Harper's plans for the Canadian military. Martin, according to the article, saying Harper would impose a warlike "ready aye ready" philosophy that is out of vogue in today's Canadian society.
"I went ballistic. Harper never served, either, but he's a hell of a lot more understanding and realistic as to what the armed forces should be than that ignorant fool Martin. As for outdated, it's old Martin who's outdated. What does he think the role of Canadian soldiers is? To hand out candies? Carry toy guns? Just sit around and watch?

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