The Bloc - Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition? 
From Guy Giorno, the chief of staff to former Ontario premier Mike Harris in the Globe:
This is the point of a doomed incumbent's campaign when candidates start to distance themselves from the leader. Remember that at the start of this race I anticipated candidates covering up the reference to Mr. Martin on their lawn signs? It will happen.

All of this makes a majority within reach. My best guess is that the Conservatives are almost there. Given current trends, my current prediction is: Conservative, 150; Liberal, 69; Bloc Qu├ębecois, 65; NDP 23 and Independent (Chuck Cadman) 1.

If the movement accelerates, the Conservatives will be in majority territory. And that would carry with it the prospect that the Liberals will finish third, behind the Bloc Qu├ębecois.

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