The big losers. 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog.

If I'm picking one loser today, it's Layton and the NDP. They don't seem to be holding the “balance of power” like everyone thought they would, they lost huge number of voters to the Liberals in the final days therefore depriving the party of much needed funds to, I expect, get themselves out of the huge debt they will soon announce, and they only increased their seat count by 7.

Why all the fuss?

In addition, the Liberals have moved from the centre of the spectrum and are running on the left leaving little room for the NDP for the next election. The Greens are going to get federal funding which will further cut into their support as well.

But possibly worst of all, Olivia and Jack won't be able to walk into the House of Commons hand in hand - a Canadian political fairy tale gone horribly wrong.

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