Watching some former PCs 
Much has been written of the former PC vote and where it will go - especially in Ontario.

Here's three Ontarians that supported the former PC party:

Alec Saunders is supporting the new party - and this after writing less than two years ago his opposition to the Alliance and it's policies.

Micheal Wilson is a former PC supporter that is very much hoping for the Liberals to defeat the new Conservative party - he writes:
"I'm obviously the only one who thinks the libs can still pull off a majority. Not wishful thinking, just faith in the Canadian voters to flock back to the "safe choice" the instant Harper makes his first dumb comment."

Jonathon supported Scott Brison in the PC leadership race last year and Belinda in the Conservative leadership race - he's fully supporting the new party and from his posts you can easily see how the provincial Liberals hurt the credibility of the federal party.

I wrote on Alec's blog a comment to a 'Red Tory' who wrote: "As a long time progressive conservative, I'm disgusted by what has happened to my party. It isn't the PC party of old, but pretty much just the Alliance/Reform folks. What is this red tory supposed to do?" I suggested the person read the Red Tory Council's website - it's frontpage article right now is a response to Joe Clark by Senator Marjory LeBreton.

Alec expands a bit on his reasons for supporting the new party and adds the following:

"Stephen Harper gets full marks from me for his pragmatic approach to building a more inclusive and electable party. He knows the job he has to do, and so long as I have a voice as a party member I am content. Now let's go teach the Liberals a lesson in humility.

By the way, do you think that Paul Martin has changed his last name to McGuinty? His health care promises certainly sound familiar..."

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