The Vets are not amused 
In the Star:

"If Mr. McCallum thinks the guys who landed on D-Day are a bunch of dummies, he's got another think coming," said Cliff Chadderton, of the National Council of Veteran Associations.

"To offer a D-Day veteran $1,000, it's a feeble attempt to buy them off."

With less than a month before the anniversary ceremonies, there's little time for veterans to get a passport or find accommodation, he said.

"There isn't a room available anywhere along the 50-mile coast where we landed. Where are they going to put these people up?" said Chadderton, himself a D-Day veteran.

"It's a disaster in the making," Chadderton said. "If we had planned D-Day the way they plan this 60th anniversary, we never would have gotten ashore."

I disagree - they would have gotten ashore fine. Just that it would have been here, not in France.

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