Selling to the electorate 
I looked at the pdf presentation that Warren Kinsella shared on his blog. It was interesting but the last section, which it appears that Warren presented himself, annoyed me - it was this....

pg 1: So What? Warren Kinsella
pg 2: Campaigns Matter Facing the challenge
pg 3: Campaigns Matter Health and education trump everything else
pg 4: Campaigns Matter The ballot question: Heath and education first, deficit later
pg 5: Campaigns Matter The budget can be sold

It's the last sentence - actually the last word - sold - that bugs me. Sure, Navigator is in the consulting business and would want some PR work to do that selling but I don't think the government should be looking at 'selling' things to the people.

Inform us - explain your reasons - but don't start from the slant that you are selling us something - I'm not interested.

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