Scott Feschuk - Post undercover 
There can only be one explanation to Martin's recent blunders. His speechwriter, former Postie Scott Feschuk, is sabotaging his election plans.

First, the invasion of Norway:

"Sixty years ago, Canadians were working alongside their British and American allies planning for the invasion of Norway and the liberation of Europe," Martin said without batting an eye.

Now, as pointed out by Paul Wells, China in the Southern Hemisphere:

"Is the idea of a G-20 realistic? More and more, I believe that it’s feasible. My discussions on the G-20 with the European Commission have sparked some interest. The same was true of my discussions with the Presidents of Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. The two key countries are the two major powers of the North and South, the United States and China."

Surely this cannot be a simple mistake or typo. Day was ripped to shreds when he made his Niagara Falls North/South mistake - a PM could expect no more latitude - or longitude for that matter. A secret deal between a speechwriter and his fact checker - a small matter of convincing the PM aide that Norway was invaded and that China is suffering from continental drift - and the damage is done.

Congratulations to Feschuk and the Post.

UPDATE: Hold on, I saw a comment at The Shotgun that the South is refering to the developing world - makes sense I guess but come on!

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