The place to grow - Ontari-ari-ari-oooooo 
Do you have the Ontario theme song in your head?

From the Globe today in talking about the latest poll numbers that show a Liberal majority if the election was held:

"Ontario is the key, Mr. Bricker said, and where the fight between Liberals and Conservatives is likely to be the most rough-and-tumble.

The latest poll shows the Liberals with 49-per-cent support, the Conservatives at 27 per cent and the NDP at 17 per cent, little changed from the last poll. That translates, Ipsos-Reid calculates, into victories for the Liberals in more than 90 of the province's 106 seats.

The Conservatives, with their present support, would gain perhaps 10 seats, mostly in Eastern Ontario.

But at 30 per cent provincewide, the Conservatives could double their seat total in Ontario to 20, according to Ipsos-Reid. About 33-per-cent support could mean 30 seats or more, perhaps as many as 40 because the gain is focused on the so-called 905 ring of suburban ridings outside Toronto and beyond, where Liberal MPs are vulnerable to challenges from a united-right party.

As recently as five weeks ago, the Conservatives stood at 32 per cent in Ontario.

"This whole election really swings on five points in Ontario," Mr. Bricker said. "A small change would have a big impact, driving the Liberals into a minority."

Five points, eh. And this poll was taken over a week ending on Monday... And the budget came out on Tuesday...

It's going to be battle.

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