Ontario Liberal Budget 
Tomorrow's McGuinty budget could really affect the Federal Election numbers in Ontario.

The headline in the Toronto Star was "Liberal budget to carry tax bite":

"...the Liberals are expected to resurrect the health-care premiums....
A hike in sales tax on a host of luxury items is also expected along with the closing of a number of sales tax loopholes. Sorbara has said tobacco taxes will rise as will the levy on beer and alcohol."

The health care premium will really confuse people when they hear Martin talking about protecting the system from fees and stopping people from having to pay for services - excuse me bud - I just got slapped with a $1000 bill from McGuinty - what are you saying?

This should be worth a 3-5 point swing towards the Conservatives on the Federal level. I'm sure we'll see some polls at the end of this week as we head into the expected announcement.

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