O Scamada! We lay down for thee. 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog.

Kevin suggested on the Election Blog that these arrests might bring some closure on the scandal as it relates to the election. Closure? Will this, and an interim Public Accounts Commitee report, be all we know before we go to the polls?

They have been charged - the scandal is now only beginning in my opinion.

What will be heard during a preliminary hearing?

What does this do to the public accounts committee and it's report?

The gun registry?? Now, those cost overruns will be tied to fraud - not just incompetence. How many questions will that raise?

And this was all from stuff before 2000 - initiated by the Auditor General's 2002 report - not from the recent AG's report! It is only the beginning!

Imagine a debate - the scandal question is brought forth..
How is Martin going to say that he got to the bottom of the problem?

Will more charges be laid during the campaign? Imagine the impact of seeing a Liberal 'friend' being led away in handcuffs.

(credit to Mark Steyn for the fantastic O Scamada slogan)

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