A notice for the electorate 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog.

Please be aware of the following changes to the Canada Elections Act:

Bill C-24 is now in force.

An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and the Income Tax Act (political financing) received royal assent on June 19, 2003, and most of its provisions came into force on January 1, 2004. The Act amended the Canada Elections Act to extend disclosure and registration requirements for political entities, to introduce new limits on political contributions, and to impose a ban on contributions from unions and corporations to political parties and leadership contestants. The amending Act also provides for payment of a quarterly allowance to registered political parties, based on the percentage of votes obtained in the previous general election. Under the amending Act, the Criminal Code of Canada was changed to allow for penalties for individuals failing to vote in a general election from $500 to $650, and to allow for the publication of those individuals that did not vote in the general election.

Section 3(2) of the Act provides that any person who does not vote in the general election is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $500.

Section 3(3) of the Act provides that any person who, in addition, failed to vote in the provincial election is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $650.

This notice brought to you by the 'Scare the Vote' campaign of Canada.

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