A new blog - just in time for Christmas... 
A new perspective from Calgary - CalgaryGrit - Bart is a Liberal - has some great thoughts - and is the author of this fantastic ad - if only Mastercard would allow it...

Contracts to Earnscliffe…60 million dollars
HRDC boondoggle…1 billion dollars
Gun Registry…2 million dollars…err…1 billion dollars
CSL government grants…130,000$...err…161 million dollars
Adscam Contracts…100 million dollars
Kicking the Liberals out of Ottawa…priceless!
There are some things money can buy. Unfortunately for Paul Martin, your vote is not one of them.

You deserve better – Canada deserves better. Vote Conservative.

One quick thought: Is it just me or does it seem that there are more NDP/Liberal bloggers in Alberta than Conservative ones?

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