Here cometh the Messiah? 
Read Warren's May 29th post - here's the end of it....

So here's the deal, made in the full view of the thousands of folks who check out this web site every day.

If someone important calls me, personally, and says:

1. Paul Martin's senior staff were wrong to state that Jean Chr├ętien, and the people around him, were criminals; and

2. All federal Liberal Quebec candidates have, to use Stephane Dion's phrasing, "resolutely and unambiguously cease[d] to be separatist and reconcile[d] themselves with the Canadian ideal..."

Then I will pack my bag and fly up to Ottawa to help out in the war room tomorrow morning. No bullshit. PMO switchboard has all my numbers - or they used to, anyway. Your move.

Can this move be made with Herle still in charge of the campaign?

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