Conservative plan going well 
I think the series of events in the past three days have gone the Conservative's way.

First, by going to Quebec and Atlantic Canada and getting relatively good press (read Hebert's column today) and crowds, Harper has quieted those that believe he can't or wouldn't be a leader for all of Canada.

Secondly, the Liberals attempts at portraying Harper - as Craig Oliver calls it - the Stephen the Demon strategy - has pretty much failed and forced them to present their Health Care plan yesterday. After the NDP unveils their plan today, it is wide open for the Tories to trump them all - a la the Liberal tax cut plan in 2000 - with a health plan that is paid for by the Conservative revenue projections. It might include more initial money, or a longer term package that has transfers increasing with costs. The Liberals have very little room to critize the Conservative estimates as it again leaves the door wide open for the Tories to remind everyone of the surplus budgets of the last 5 years and how that money has been 'wasted' by the Liberals.

Thirdly, if John Crosbie announces that he's running under the Conservative banner in NFLD it will be a great boost for the party - in Ontario. The former PC voters can only view this, if it happens, as a positive sign of the new party's inclusiveness and for those just looking for a reason to support the new Tories, this might be it.

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