Can you see the difference? 
Warren follows up his weekend offer of joining the Liberal team with this:

"No, this doesn't mean I got a phone call (see the previous post); Hell will freeze over before that happens. I posted that offer just to ensure that they couldn't say I didn't extend the olive branch - yet again. All you guys are my witnesses."

While over at Conservative HQ, Harper continues to effectively broaden the party and mend some previous breaks - as told by Chantal Hebert today:

Stephen Harper has dug deep in Red Tory ranks for the transition team he is putting in place to deal with a possible Conservative election victory.

The word in Tory circles is that Harper has given Hugh Segal, a former chief-of-staff to both Ontario premier Bill Davis and prime minister Brian Mulroney, a key role in planning the potential installation of a new Conservative government.


In sharp contrast with Prime Minister Paul Martin who has surrounded himself with a tightly knit group of loyalists, Harper has included his least natural constituencies within the party in his inner circle. So far, the approach has paid off; public divisions between the two feuding families who came together as a result of the recent merger have been remarkably few.

I can see the difference.

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