Bumbling Paul strikes again 
Okay, it's one thing if Reuters calls them Gaffes - it's much more important if Don thinks they are..

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario (Reuters) - With the Canadian election campaign barely under way, Prime Minister Paul Martin made his second set of gaffes in three days on Tuesday as he nearly voiced confidence he would lose his parliamentary majority.

Polls show that he does, in fact, risk slipping into a minority government and that risk seemed to have slipped into his subconscious. In a brief television interview, he told a journalist in French: "I'm very confident that we'll have a mi(nority) -- uh, majority government."

Minutes later, Martin -- a long time Montreal resident -- seemed to forget that he had been born and brought up in Windsor, Ontario, opposite Detroit.

Seeking to give special greetings to his old hometown, he told a Windsor television interviewer: "Tell everybody in London -- tell everybody back home in Windsor, give them my best."

On Sunday, when he called the national election for June 28 after weeks of hesitating on which date to choose, he twice got the date wrong.

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