Sens in Six 
The Leafs gig is up.

I was a little over the top in my post the other day - the Sens didn't need to target Nieuwendyk - just wait for him to slip in the bathtub and bust a hip. Tucker was non-existant and Roberts is now resorting to exaggerations when Chara pushes him around a bit. Who is going to carry the Leaf torch? Domi by himself? Antropov and Pocohontas (as Cherry would say - I'm not trying to make fun of him, I just can't spell his name) can't control themselves. Mogilny, Francis, Reichel, and Renberg aren't going to be a physical impact. Will Perrot or Belak be inserted into the lineup to give the Leafs some sort of response to the Senators onslaught? It was almost embarassing for the mean tough Leafs to have Domi out there in the last 2 minutes trying to stir something up all by himself.

Brought up today on the Team - was Sundin trying to draw a penalty when he took the long slide into the boards?

Some Ottawa thoughts for the day after:
Todd White was the CBC's first star?
Spezza had the least 5on5 icetime of any Senator. Deservedly so in my opinion. No shots now in the two games he's played in - what's up?
Phillips looks intense and despite his taking 3 obstruction/interference penalties in the last 2 games I am happy to see him return to his playoff form.
Todd White - the wicked cut on his face is going to take away from his 'the professor' look.

Game Six on Sunday in Ottawa - the Sens will slay the beast!
And looks like they'll meet their expansion cousins in the 2nd round - jumping the gun am I?

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