No, I'm not going to sleep on it.... 
Here is what must be done:

1. Lalime can't be the goalie next year - his contract is up anyway - let him walk.
2. Bonk can't be here next year - Spezza, Fisher, Smolinski, and White (not necessarily in that order) are your centers - use Bonk's 3.5mil and Lalime's 2.5mil to fix point number one
3. Martin can't be the coach - I agreed with Cherry at the end of the game that he had his team outplay Toronto - but it wasn't enough - they didn't do enough - the powerplay - whatever - he must take the fall

Why did Volchenkov get a penalty for flattening Tucker? I had enough at that point - Tucker didn't touch the puck but he didn't play the puck - he went to take the hit from Volchenkov - just because he's a little bitch and Volchenkov creamed him doesn't mean it's a penalty.

Speaking of Volchenkov - he's responsible for the other two goals - one letting Domi get the puck out front which Kilger finished and two for allowing Domi to screen Prusek on the fourth goal. Many fans were calling for Leschyshyn to play - now I guess I agree.

Fucking hell.

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