More from Stevenson - one of the best writers around I think:

"A team you could argue is now the most talented in the league has played 12 playoff series under Martin and has won four of them.

This is not to say that a coach who will scream and rant and rave is the answer, either. Sometimes all it takes is a new message, a new way of looking at things to unlock the potential in a team. Maybe that coach is Joel Quenneville. Maybe it's Robinson, a man who immediately would inspire confidence behind the Ottawa bench.

Martin always looked wound up tighter than Rod Bryden's budget and his teams played the same way in the playoffs. Maybe that wasn't the case, but that was the perception to the fans who buy the tickets. Perception is what they have to go on when they make their purchasing decisions.

Some will argue Martin has gotten the maximum out of this team and maybe a new coach won't do as well.
It's an interesting question.
But at this critical point in the franchise's existence, can Melnyk and his team afford to not know the answer?

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