I almost missed this.... 
Classic Steyn in writing about Harper, the Conservatives, and the Martin Liberals:

"....he defeated an incumbent Alliance leader, out-maneuvered a PC leader, and saw off a glamorous challenger. Even more impressively, as a concession to the Albertophobes of the old Tory rump he allowed the leadership contest to be rigged so that 25% of the vote went to Quebec, where there are only 127 Conservative Party members, 83 of them cadavers from the Gasp‚ and the remainder under-gardeners at the Mulroney mansion signed up en masse by Belinda's minders. That's a 007-level card-player: Harper lets them stack the deck and he still wins, and wins big.

The result is that Harper and his caucus look like the Canada the Liberals are supposed to stand for: young and "diverse." The Liberals, meanwhile, look like groggy old hacks who've fallen in their own vomit: Adscam, Flagscam, Crownscam, Gunscam, Coppscam, Softwood lumbscam, Adrienne Clarkscam, Alphonso Scammiano, Canada Scamships, Earnscam, Shawiniscam, Auberge Grandscam, Viascam, the Royal Scamadian Mounted Police, and a few others I may have forgotten. O Scamada, we scam on guard for thee. As Popeye would say, swabbing the deck of a Bermuda-flagged Paul Martin container, "I scam what I scam!"


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