Feeling sorry for former Prime Ministers 
I thought this was interesting - I'm going to change a couple of words (in italics):

Question period on Wednesday:

Right Hon. Paul Martin (Prime Minister, Lib.):
The fact is there is a former Prime Minister of Canada who is relegated off to the corner, whose heart is broken because the great party of Sir Wilfrid Laurier (John A. Macdonald) has had its heart ripped out of it because I am a control freak (that hon. member broke his word).

Members do not need my word for it. Ask Sheila Copps, John Manley, Herb Dhaliwal, or my good friend Warren Kinsella (the Conservative senators in the Senate). Ask the former Prime Minister of Canada why he is sitting over there. He is doing it because I have (that member has) no principles.

The point is this - why is Martin feeling sorry for poor Joe Clark - the former Prime Minister - when his former PM Chretien, the PM of 3 Liberal majorities, is being painted in such a light by Martin and his troops that his legacy will forever be a reputation for corruption and scandal - done so partly, if not solely, to accentuate the new Prime Minister's differences.

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