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Following up my entries here and here - yesterday's O'Reilly Factor has more Hogtown newspaper commentary:

"The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Writing in The Toronto Sun, Peter Worthington said this today: "Whenever I return from an extended visit in the U.S., I feel withdrawal pangs because FOX News is denied access to Canada. With access to CNN but not FOX News, Canadians are being deprived. One needs both for better understanding, Bill O'Reilly's view of politics versus James Carville's"

Well, we appreciate Mr. Worthington's sense of fairness, a far different tone than set by its competitors at "The Globe & Mail" who routinely trash FNC. In fact, Mr. Worthington even took left wing G&M bomb-thrower John Doyle to task saying: "Please give us a break, Doyle's is such juvenile writing, that one wonders how even 'The Globe & Mail' editors tolerate it and so do we."

We do think Doyle is ridiculous but defend his right to be so. And we're sorry if some Americans wrote Doyle nasty letters containing obscenities as chronicled in yesterday's "New York Times." We immediately toss any such correspondence aimed at us, and there is some, in the receptacle where it belongs. No room for that. If you want to make a point, make it articulately.

And a preview of today's 'Factor':
Plus, why are two U.S. military deserters being warmly welcomed in Canada?

Here's the link to the NY Time's article and some selected letters from it:

To: Doyle, John
Subject: what a joke - Fox

. . . Clearly you believe Americans must be stupid. But clearly not as dense as Canadians, who are spoon-fed their news by heavily tilted "non partial" partisans such as yourself.
Your problem, you creep, is that you are Canadian.


To: Doyle, John
Subject: nice try [EXPLETIVE!]

{hellip}True freedom of speech and diversity of opinion TERRIFIES you left-wing [expletives]. That is why your "1st Amendment" equivalent has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. You Canadians are really quite sad to us Americans. We generally feel sorry for you and your weak, dependent country.

Springfield, Va. ****USA****

To: Doyle, John
Subject: Your Article regarding Americans

. . . There are [expletives] on both sides of the border. But we're not all automatically jerks just because of our country. . . .
I do apologize for the anti-Canadian comments you received, you'll never hear one from this American.

Jami - Omaha, Neb.

It's with great timing that the Maclean's this week has the cover story of "The Know-It-All Neighbour":

"Like the know-it-all neighbour who never misses a chance to bend your ear over the back fence or critique your yardwork, Canada has become the block bore. The "special" status that we once took for granted, able to withstand even the frankest disagreements, seems in doubt. Things between our countries are apparently getting worse all the time. And, the evidence suggests, the attitude problem is almost entirely our own."

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