Battle of Ontario 
No, not the Conservatives vs the Liberals. Though it is still good vs evil - the Sens vs the Leafs.

Am I worried after Saturday's 6-0 debacle? No more than I was before. It's going to be a great series and anyone who thinks either team has an edge going is wrong. Blowouts happen - 6-0 Leafs or 7-1 Sens a few months ago - it doesn't matter.

The matchups are going to be this:

1. Belfour vs Lalime
Can Lalime come close to Eddie - he has to approach him but doesn't have to beat him. The Sens defence and team defence is superior to the Leafs but Lalime must play like he did to end the season - not like he did most of the season

2. 2nd lines
Bonk-Hossa-Varada or whoever is playing the left side must outplay Nieuwendyk's line - that's one thing that Saturday's game showed.

3. Chara/Phillips vs Sundin/Mogilny
Chara can shut down lines and must shut down the Leafs top line.

Much more to come over the next few days.

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