Banning Canada and John Doyle 
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly talked yesterday about two American deserters:

".... Hinzman and Huey have applied for asylum in Canada, which by law can only be granted if a person can prove they'll be killed or persecuted in their homeland.

Since the Iraq war is undeclared, they could not be executed by the military in the USA. And they probably will be sentenced to five years in prison under the general court-martial law if they come back here. That's a prosecution, not a persecution.

If Canada grants these two asylum, that would obviously be a slap in the face to America. Harboring deserters is a serious business.

There's no question that the Canadian press has become rabidly anti-American. "The Toronto Globe and Mail," the CBC and others delight in insulting us. That, of course, is their right.

But if the Canadian government joins in and gives these deserters a home, then "Talking Points" will call for a boycott of Canada. ....

Boycott Canada.
Well then - if they're going to do that then maybe we'll boycott Fox News! How do you like that! What's that - we already do? Oh, then we'll boycott the last Friends episode - HA!

I actually hadn't heard of these deserters that O'Reilly says are "being hailed as hero's by the Canadian media" -- I'll look them up right now....

On CBC I only found one article on it - from February which didn't go into much detail.

The Globe and Mail doesn't have much hero talk on it's website but it does have a new column by John Doyle who started much of the trash talk. He says today when he, I think, compares Fox News to Canada:
"Most of us, no matter what way we lean politically, believe in Canada as a just society. Tolerance, kindness and respect are more valued than shouted attacks and threats. Mistakes are allowed. Forgiveness exists."

Thanks Doyle - you're a TV critic - stick to it. Fox News isn't in Canada - don't critique it - where is your analysis on the Canadian media's protrayal of Jenin issue - I watched the documentary that was shown on Global last night - it focused on British/European/American coverage.

Perspective is everything.

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