Alfredsson = Mini Mess 
Number 11 - not the size of Mark but will his guarantees (playoffs - we won't mention Mark's 'we'll make the playoffs guarantee') be just as big? Alfredsson was the best player on the ice last night.

Until Chara scored it looked like Ottawa was going to score the game winning goals for the Leafs in the last two games. Smolinski's direction in game 5 and off Pothier's skate tonight. Was it just me or did McCabe celebrate a little too much with that Sundin-like goofy smile after it went in - yeah, you did great Bryan - didn't see Francis and Roberts act like that.

Darcy Tucker isn't helping the Leafs one bit - he's gotta be hurt really badly because whenever the Sens need some momemtum they can count on Tucker getting creamed by Fisher/Chara/Phillips - he's got no jump.

I hope Martin gets some credit for the gutsy move of pulling Spezza out and putting Vermette in - great jump and his quickness set up the winning goal.

TSN's Bob Mackenzie showed how Francis' near goal at the end of regulation was actually a great save by Lalime - he got just a piece of it to make it hit the post instead of clinching the series!

Sens fans deserved that win - and it's not a small consolation even if they end up losing on Tuesday - it's a great walk out of the Corel Centre when Leaf Nation is quiet and you hear some Sen fan chanting in the distance "67! 67! 67!"

I'm predicting the Leafs will fold their tent like they have done in most of their playoff exits (6-1 loss (18 shots) to the Flyers last year, 5-1 loss (16 shots) to the Devils in game 7 in 2001, and the worst ever - a 3-0 loss and only 6 shots to the Devils in 2000) and a win for the Senators.

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