Sheila Fraser 
Posted to Jim Elve's Group Election Blog.

Who do you side with?


This woman has become a publicity-loving Ken Starr of the North. She has ceased to be what she was hired to be - which, according to R.S.C., c. A-17, an Act respecting the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and sustainable development monitoring and reporting 1995, c. 43, s.6., "The Auditor General shall examine...financial statements" - and become a headline-hungry, self-mandating Special Prosecutor who comments on policy, not the numbers.

or Rex:

I don't know how Madame Clarkson and John Ralston Saul sort out who gets all the good medals, the Order of Canada and such like.

I sure hope they put aside a boxcar load for Sheila Fraser. When she leaves office, and let it be years hence, they should weigh her down with medallions and declare a national holiday for accountants.

Auditor General Sheila Fraser and the Liberal government's sponsorship program. Wyatt Earp meets the gang who couldn't shoot straight. The shootout on the Rideau Canal. It's hard to know where, really to start on this latest wasteful and most likely, criminal, mess.

There is no question in my mind. I'm siding with Rex.

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