Peachy wins - takes on Gushue tonight 
Details on the win over Howard....

With his final shot in the ninth, Peachey barely rolled out his shooter on a blank attempt to preserve last-rock advantage in the 10th end. Then, when Howard was unable to roll his shooter behind a guard, Peachey made a perfect hit to score a winning deuce.

Too bad for Russ.

Tonight's game has added significance for Team Gushue and Team Peachy - from the same article as above:

As well, the winner qualifies for the 2005 Canadian Curling Trials in Halifax because the two teams in the Page one-two game — Mark Dacey of Halifax and Randy Ferbey of Alberta — already have qualified for the Trials.

Werenich won't be happy.
If you read the article in Maclean's a month ago you'll remember he criticized Dacey when talking about the CCA's criteria for the Olympic trial spots. In the article:

"They've already snuck in a rink from Halifax," says Werenich (Mark Dacey's team gets a guaranteed spot at the Olympic trials by virtue of having finished second at last year's Brier). "I don't know what the hell he's going to do there -- other than finish last, I guess."

There is something to be said for Werenich's criticism. When most of the top teams, by most people's count, are situated in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario - using the Brier winners from the past three/four years as Olympic trial spots, especially since Ferby has won it every time, doesn't ensure the best field in the Trials.

Peachy at the Trials? I don't know what the hell he's going to do there -- other than finish last, I guess. Seriously though - if he makes the Brier final - somebody has to get him a jacket that fits!

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