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We are proud to present to you the new logo for the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of the Right Honourable Paul Martin.

This fresh new design signals our Party's hope to distance ourselves from the past and the scandals that we currently are struggling against. At the same time, the new logo builds on the values that have guided the Liberal Party for more than a century. It incorporates key design elements that have come to symbolize the Party's philosophy of sweeping major issues under the Canadian 'carpet'. This logo is for a new era - not the old era - a new beginning.

Let us be clear that the logo we updated served the Party well. We won three majorities and isn't that what it's all about. Unfortunately, it symbolized the collective character of the Party's leadership - Jean Chretien, Sheila Copps, Alfsonso - a coalition of Canadians rich in patronage, from every walk of life.

Updating a look is always difficult. We have fought elections under our old logo and have become attached to it - and let there be no mistake - good logos often become the visual embodiment of our hopes, dreams, and the massive patronage machine so many have benefited from. In time, our new logo will build on these fundamental Liberal traits.

We continue to proudly include the maple leaf in our design and the use of red as the predominant colour. The "arc" design element represents the carpet that all Liberal mistakes are swept under. This arc, of course, doubles as an "accent aigu" to remind us that our most recent scandal really hurt our chances in Quebec and we should be more careful next time we steal from taxpayers. Finally, the new typeface gives us a crisp, contemporary look.

While the Liberal Party of Canada is extremely proud of our heritage, we are focused on our future. Under Prime Minister Paul Martin, and let us be clear on this point, we will not be under Jean Chretien. This new logo is a symbol of hope that Canadians will forget all of our failures. We trust that you will share this hope in this new Party logo as we move forward.

The real press release can be read here.

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