Excerpts from Robinson Speech 
Walter Robinson is the former head of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the CPC Candidate in Ottawa-Orleans. Excerpts from his speech at the nomination meeting last night:


Let me say it again, you deserve better than a Liberal MP who takes this riding for granted. Just look at his recent comments. While assessing his nomination and election chances, he stated: “I have confidence in the community that they will be very supportive and very loyal, as usual."

Herein lies the problem, business “as usual” in the Liberal world has given us a decade of decline and deceit, billions of wasted dollars and a shaken national faith in the ability of the federal government to accomplish societal objectives. On this front, many Canadians have thrown in the towel.

But don’t take my word for it … consider this passage: "Canadians have always prided themselves on the quality of their democratic institutions. Yet … cynicism about public institutions, governments, politicians and the political process is at an all-time high. If government is to play a positive role in society, as it must, honesty and integrity in our political institutions must be restored."

True words indeed, but here’s the irony: This passage is taken from the 1993 Liberal Red Book, which was co-authored by Paul Martin.


Paul Martin was the Finance Minister during the whole sponsorship scandal, and arguably, the most powerful minister in Cabinet since C.D. Howe half a century ago. He was also was vice chair of Treasury Board, a senior Quebec Minister, a Montreal-area MP – where much of the sponsorship money went – and to top it all off, his loyal minions were busy taking over the Liberal party in every province from top to bottom. Yet he wants us to believe that he saw nothing and knew nothing. Do you believe him?

My friends, this leads us to the inevitable question: Can you really trust the Liberal party, or Team Martin, or whatever they’re branding themselves as this week – this gang that presided over the rot of our government and who are now immersed in the stench of corruption – to make things right?

Jettons un coup d’oeil au bilan des libéraux concernant les soins de la santé. Paul Martin savagely amputated transfers to the provinces for health care yet he has the nerve to portray himself as Medicare’s friend. Each time a province dares to innovate to meet local needs, whether it be New Brunswick with extramural hospitals, Quebec’s co-payment drug plan, the former Ontario government’s moves reduce diagnostic imaging waiting lists; the Liberals wagged their fingers, shook their heads and brought the Canada Health Act hammer down.


Passons au fameux déficit démocratique… les propos de Paul Martin ne coïncide pas avec les faits.

During the last decade, the process of closure to cut-off parliamentary debate was used by the Chrétien-Martin regime more than any other government in Canadian history.

Even more disturbing is the fact that closure was invoked by the Martin government on February 8th, a mere six days into his first session as Prime Minister. And when Paul Martin was sworn into office last December, he personally assumed the Chairmanship of four cabinet committees. Power is more concentrated today in the Prime Minister’s office than it ever was under Jean Chrétien.

As for free votes, Paul Martin talks a good game, but he has already said NO to a free vote on the gun registry. But this should come as no surprise really. This is the same Paul Martin who voted against an independent inquiry into the HRDC billion dollar boondoggle and who voted against a private members bill to strengthen the Access to Information Act. This bill was authored by former Liberal MP John Bryden … is it any wonder he now wants to be a Conservative?

So when it comes to the democratic deficit, don’t look to Paul Martin for help, he’s a big part of the problem."

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