Dacey defeats Ferbey 
What a bizarre and entertaining finish to the Brier!

Mark Dacey and his Nova Scotian rink take a 3 in the 8th on basically one Nedohin miss, force Alberta to one in the ninth, and then, in the 10th end, make several outstanding, and gutsy shots, combine it with a Nedohin miss on his last shot to leave Dacey a draw to the four foot for his Brier victory! Amazing.

I'm sure some TV sets in the EST and ATL time zones where turned off after the seventh end - my Brier guest, a guy from Saskatchewan who was cheering for Dacey, left at that time. We agreed that Dacey was playing and looked like he had lost already. I guess his team didn't think so and it paid off with the miss in the eighth by Alberta.

A couple of other comments:

I couldn't believe the heckler - Rocque looked like he was going to Bertuzzi him - the cameras and mics caught Marcel saying something like "if I hear you one more time - you're mine" while holding out his clenched fist!

Don't like the CBC interview over the PA during the Tankard presentation - a little too personal or something - Dacey handled it well though.

Howard's comments on Rocque and Pfieffer was something - saying about the quality of their sweeping: "Those guys are talking about inches when everyone else is talking about feet" or something very close to that.

In the 10th, with Dacey's first shot they made a big gamble. Dacey didn't want to put in on the four but he went with his team - not an easy shot to throw when you aren't comfortable with it - with 12000 fans watching and a Brier on the line - he, and his team, put it within an inch of where they wanted.

A great final.

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