Bertuzzi incident 
First off - read the comments from Canucks fans here at Op Ed, and here at Canucks Corner.

For Senators fans and for those that critized Martin for putting Havlat in the penalty box at the end of Friday's game (Nick Kypreos from Sportsnet was one) there is a lesson to be learned from the Bertuzzi/Moore incident.

Players in the NHL cannot be trusted not to cross the supposed line that differentiates responsible justice from physical assault. Critics of Martin and Havlat will point out that, as a result of the crosscheck to Recchi, Martin Havlat needed to "show-up" and face what was coming to him.

Steve Moore showed up last night. He showed up in a fight in the first period but it wasn't enough in Bertuzzi's mind.

What would have happened if Havlat was on the ice during the end of Friday's game? Would one fight with a Flyer settle the score? Would a Flyer seek out additional retribution that could end in Martin Havlat in the hospital?

Is there something wrong when a parent feels their children should leave the room before the hockey highlights come on TV?

Update: Additional thoughts here by Cosh, and Blogging in Black, Red & Gold

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