Time to move on.... 
Today Paul Martin was on the radio in Saskatoon - here's some exerpts from the CP story: (link from Bourque.org)

A caller named Brian from Regina voiced his concerns over the gun registry directly to Martin.

"I'm one of those typical alienated western rednecks. I own guns, I hunt and I trap. Could you please tell western Canada why Canada is safer now that your $2 billion government program knows about my guns," he said.


Agriculture concerns, and the impact the BSE crisis is having on the Canadian beef industry were a top of mind issue with many callers.

"We have a catastrophe happening in rural Saskatchewan. Unfortunately life in our rural areas has become 3-D," said a caller named Judy.

"Despair, discouragement and depression. Many of use are wondering if we will be able to even afford to put a crop in this spring," she said.


"Alienation in this country exists because your Liberal party, by favouring Quebec, has demonstrated exactly who is more important to you and sure is not the west," said a caller named Helen from Saskatoon.

"My husband and I are retired and it galls me to have to send you Liberals an additional $1,300 at income tax time."

"It's just going to go into the big Liberal back hole," she said.

Why are these people upset? Don't they know that we have a new government in place? Why are they complaining to the new Prime Minister - he didn't have anything to do with these problems and the inaction that followed them!

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