Quazy Quinn strikes again! 
Another gem to add to the Quazy Quinn Quotes list - talking about old man Nieuwendyk's re-injured back:

"Joe was cross-checked purposely from both sides," Quinn said. "The worst came from the back side by that guy who is closer to Man Mountain Dean than anything else."

For those born in the second half of the 20th century, Man Mountain Dean is some wrestler from the 30's - tells you a little about the guy doesn't it?

How does a coach with class respond to Quazy Quinn?

Martin was again asked repeatedly about the Leafs and their much anticipated visit to the Corel Centre, however. One sportswriter wanted him to comment on "ridiculous" and "outlandish" comments by Toronto coach Pat Quinn after Saturday's wild 5-1 loss at the Air Canada Centre, stemming around charges that the Senators are a dirty team.

"I think you just answered your question," said Martin. "I don't think I need to comment."

Later, he added: "We've got a game (tonight) ... I don't think what Pat says motivates us. We have enough motivation, professionalism. We do things the way we want to do them. People know what kind of hockey team we are."
Ottawa Sun

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