Name that Scandal 
Andrew Coyne is holding a contest (“Win fabulous prizes”):

A contest: Name that scandal. Sponsorgate is too lame. Maybe a riff on Don Martin's riff on Dire Straits ("money for nothing, and cheques for free"): the "Money for Nothing" scandal? Alfonsoscam? The Royal Canadian Money-laundering Program? What?

Click here to make your suggestions.

I entered my suggestion:

The problem is to how to keep all the waste (HRDC) separate from the corruption (Sponsorship) separate from the incompetance (Gun registry), etc, etc.

I'll suggest using this pattern, in order of disclosure:

Billion Dollar Boondoggle (HRDC)
Billion Dollar Blowup (Gun Registry - continues to explode)
Quarter Billion Coverup (Sponsorship)

Coyne also gave his thoughts on Warren Kinsella's defence of the fraud:

Judge Warren finds there is "not a scintilla of proof that anyone within government, officials or otherwise, enriched themselves."

Oh, well then. Show's over folks, move along, nothing to see here. Your $100 million didn't actually fill the pockets of anyone in government, it's just out there enriching Liberals in the private sector. But wait a minute: $100 million? One hundred million dollars? If a small group of well-connected Liberal partisans came into that kind of money, wouldn't you think someone would notice? I mean, how is it even physically possible to spend that much money

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