Liberal MP defecting to Conservatives? 
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Bourque.org is stating “John Bryden, MP, quits Libs, eyes Conservatives: "Libs have lost its idealism ... Martin regressive, yada ..."

Some background on Bryden can be seen on his website. The results of the last election in Ancaster--Dundas--Flamborough--Aldershot were:

Gerry AggusProgressive Conservative Party of Canada9,45119.52
John BrydenLiberal Party of Canada19,92141.15
Gordon GuyattNew Democratic Party3,7567.76
Ray PenningsCanadian Reform Conservative Alliance15,27231.55

(from Elections Canada)

Would the Conservatives allow a Liberal MP to move directly into their caucus?


Bryden said (from CTV):

"I've been holding off these past number of weeks as I've watched things happen here in Ottawa, and I've been very disturbed,'' he said shortly after making his surprise announcement.

"I can't be in the Liberal caucus under the circumstances because, basically, what I've said is I've lost confidence in the prime minister and I've lost confidence in the Liberal Party."

and interestingly...

He sat on the Commons public accounts committee when it reviewed the federal sponsorship spending fiasco, and has been critical of the affair, which has now grown into a full scandal for Martin's government.

A former journalist who has worked at The Hamilton Spectator, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, Bryden has also pressed for the overhaul of the Access to Information law.

Bryden has unsuccessfully called on the government to expand the law so it could include more Crown corporations and agencies. The issue has come to the fore this month with revelations that some Crown corporations received millions of dollars in the sponsorship scandal.

As for my question above on whether he would move into the Conservative caucus...

He said he plans to talk to Conservatives in his riding about running for their party, and will sit as an Independent in the meantime.

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