Kinsella defends Sponsorship program 
As I said in my post below - “Jean Chretien - who, along with many other Liberals, will still defend this use of Canadian's taxes“

And for proof, number one Chretien spinner Warren Kinsella writes:

We came within a few thousand votes of losing the greatest country in the world. People in government - officials and political folks alike - resolved that it would never happen again, and that every reasonable effort would be made to get credit for the things that the federal government did in Quebec. Why? Well, under Brian Mulroney's watch, there were no Canadian flags flying at post offices in Quebec, or references to same on mailboxes. No flags in citizenship courts, even. Canada, as a concept, barely existed in the Province of Quebec - a state of affairs that helped the separatists to build a case that Canada was wholly irrelevant to Quebeckers.

For the media to now shriek that sponsorships are inherently evil is unadulterated sophistry, quite frankly. The biggest participant in sponsorship programs in Canada - following tobacco companies and distilleries - are the media themselves, by a long shot. They - the National Post, even! - sponsor events because sponsorships work.

Thanks Warren - is this what you meant when you said on Tuesday that “I have quite a few files which are pretty darn interesting” - proof that $250 million got the post office to put up flags?

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