History on Quazy Quinn 
For those that want to educate themselves, I saw on Blogging in Red, Black, and Gold a link to a post on HFBoards detailing Quinn's problems in LA-Vancouver - its a good read - especially this:

"On January 2, 1987 while coaching LA and while in Vancouver to play the Canucks, an envelope containing a cheque for $100,000 was delivered to him by a Canuck trainer to seal the deal while he was conducting a practice in preparation for the upcoming game with the Canucks. At that point in the season LA and Vancouver were locked in a struggle to make the play-offs."

I didn't know this aspect of the controversy.

While I think Quinn is lowering his reputation and making himself a sideshow with his Quazy Quinn Quotes, I don't think it is "an embarrassment" that he is coaching Team Canada.

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